Career Aspirations Is A Nonprofit 501c3

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Answer: Career Aspirations’ programs are largely built to serve students and young adults. While our participants are typically high school students or recent graduates, we are open to extending our assistance to people outside of these criteria. Reach out if you have questions on how we can help you through your career journey, no matter what stage you are in.

Answer: It’s free

Answer: We encourage you to participate in as many of our programs as you can! The more you show up to events and engage in learning opportunities, the more you will make connections and create a foundation of knowledge that will propel you into a successful career path.

Answer: Events are frequently added to the calendar. You can stay up to date on our upcoming events here.

Answer: Our team provides students with a variety of opportunities that can lead to job securement, including network building with our partners, co-op and internship coordination, career fair events, interview skill development, and more. Many of our employer partners also have positions listed online; visit _____ and click on a partner to view openings.

Answer: That’s totally okay! Although our primary focus is on building a career path, furthering your education plays a big part in that for many professions. If you aren’t planning to work throughout college, Career Aspirations can still help foster your skills, grow your network, and
open doors for when the time comes to job hunt. Several of our employer partners even offer tuition reimbursement and on-the-job training.

Answer: If you’re interested in an industry outside of healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, or construction, reach out to us. There are many positions within these industries that you might not expect such as accounting, marketing, or HR. We’ll work with you to see where you could fit in or offer recommendations if we don’t align with your intended career field.

Answer: Career Aspirations is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and serves the Greater Cincinnati region, referred to at the tri-state area where the borders of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana meet.

Answer: Our team can certainly help in your search for a co-op or internship position! While it’s not a guarantee, we have many resources and connections that can help you secure an opportunity. Some of our employer partners may have co-op or internship positions listed online; visit _____
and click on a partner to view their openings.

Answer: Encouraging your student to get involved and start their journey early is the best way to help. Contact us for more information and available resources that can assist your student in getting on track for a prosperous career.